Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Atmospheric Layers

Meteorologists divide the atmosphere into five layers based on temperature is, the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere.a. TroposphereTroposphere is the layer of air at the bottom of the layers of the atmosphere, above Earth's surface. Have different thicknesses on each place. At the equator its thickness reaches 16 km, the area is 11 km in thickness, and in the polar region thickness of 8 km. In this layer formation process occurs weather phenomena such as clouds, rain, and wind. In this layer there is the content of oxygen and nitrogen are very much to the survival of creatures on earth. Between the troposphere and the stratosphere there is a transition layer called tropopouse.

b. StratosphericStratosphere is the layer of air in the upper tropospheric temperature show that small changes to the vertical direction. This layer is located at an altitude of 15-55 km. In this layer there with the greatest concentration of ozone lapiasan found at an altitude of 22 km. The ozone layer serves as a protector for the troposphere and the surface of the earth from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Depletion of the ozone layer as happened today, could change the climate and can further affect life on the earth's surface. Between the stratosphere and mesosphere there is a layer called stratopouse.

c. MesosphereThis layer is located at an altitude of 50-80 km, the layer is partially meteors burned and decomposed, so it is not up to the surface of the earth. This layer serves to reflect radio waves and television (VHF and UHF), so that we can enjoy radio and television broadcasts. Between the mesosphere and the thermosphere mesopouse there is a layer.

ThermosphereThermosphere is the layer of air above the mesosphere with an altitude of about 80 km to the boundary between the atmosphere to outer space. In this layer the temperature reaches 1500 ° C. The layer the bottom of the thermosphere is called the ionosphere (altitudes between 80-450 km), on this layer ionization process occurs which causes the accumulation of protons and electrons.

ExosphereIn this layer the temperature can reach 2200 ° C. Is the boundary between Earth's atmosphere to outer space.