Monday, 9 January 2012


Transportation is derived from the Latin transportare, trans means across or next to another and portare means transporting or carrying. From the word transport is transporting or carrying something from the city to another. Kamaluddin (1987: 9) argues that "the transport can be defined as an attempt to transport or carry goods and / or passengers from place to place. While according to Yunus (1994: 73), "transportation is a process that emphasizes discussion on the movement of people or goods or services or thoughts for the specific purpose (from the origin to destination) in geographic scope and involve equipment, transport networks, service transport and other transport systems ". That the subject is a human being as a regulator or transport the offender to run smoothly, safely and comfortably. Further according to Haryono (2006: 93) "transportation or perangkutan is the displacement from one place to another by using the tool carriage, both of which are driven by human power, animal (horse, cow, buffalo), or the machine".

Of the three concepts above concluded that the concept of transport based on a trip (trip) between the origin (origin) and destination (destination).
The journey is the movement of people and goods between two places separate activities to perform activities of individuals or groups in society. The trip is done through a certain path that connects the origin and destination, use the conveyances or vehicles with a certain speed.